High school students have MANY options for electives. These options ensure that students have every opportunity to choose electives that best fit their interests and prepare them for their future college and/or career. In addition to VPOC virtual elective courses, virtual students can take virtual/F2F courses through the Dual Enrollment Program, LCCA, WBL, and they can even take select courses on campus at their home school (like band, chorus, drama, and certain CTAE courses). Please take advantage of these opportunities. Watch Mr. Donaldson, our admin in charge of scheduling, explain the elective options and the elective form that all current 8th – 11th-grade students should complete ASAP.

Our High School Staff

Wendi Lioi – 9th Grade Literature (Teachersite)
Julie Kristin – World Literature, American Literature, Multicultural Literature (Teachersite)
Christina Wilson – Algebra 1, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry (Teachersite)
Katrina Watson – Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus (Teachersite)
Tina Nix – Earth Systems, Environmental Science (Teachersite)
Joel Cantrell – US History, World History, Government, Economics (Teachersite)
Carmen Gama – Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3 (Teachersite)
Debbie King – Intro to Healthcare Science, Essentials of Healthcare, Allied Health, Pharmacy Ops & Fund (Teachersite)
Polly Mitas – Marketing Principles, Hospitality Tourism & Rec (Teachersite)
Kai Bassett – Music Appreciation (Teachersite)
Brittany Tyner – Drawing 1 (Teachersite)
Scott McFarland – Personal Fitness/ Health (Teachersite)
Mark Rheault – Computer Science (Teachersite)

Ronnie Jones – Counselor – (Teachersite)   –  Please Use THIS FORM to schedule a zoom appointment with him.

High School Zoom Schedule